IA Reporting

Data management & marketing app

IA Reporting gives data insights & analytics on e-gaming performance. They service over 25,000 affiliates across the globe.

Client:IA Reporting

Type:Web Product

Tasks:User testing, UX, UI, Iterative design

As a third-party application who had an early place in the industry, IA Reporting has developed a vast partnership with affiliate companies. In recent years, they have witnessed the growth of many competitior products who have a similar goals on providing performance insights.

Alongside being an analytics reporting tool, IA Reporting also provides features on affiliate management, campaign building and marketing management. It was a robust product that saw the the growth of many features without any revaluation to how they impacted existing features. We were tasked with proposing new UX solutions that were confidently user-friendly.

How do we create a simplified data-reporting & marketing tool showcasing complex levels of data?

Collecting feedback

Auditing & Testing

Key Themes

After a thorough analysis of IA Reporting's current product, we synthesize our findings into key themes. These themes identified the major pain points in the user experience and how it impacted the efficiency. It also put into perspective the amount of improvements that needed to be made given all of IA Reporting's feature offerings.

The platyform is difficulty to navigate - and screen space isn't effectively utilized.

The report data layout is not structured in a user-friendly, versatile method and lacks the capabilities to dive deeper into stats and manipulate criteria in an efficient format.

Content, messaging, and interaction feedback don't clearly articulate what's happening and how to use the system.

The navigation flow from page/sections are inconsistent to the platform's menu architecture, making it difficult to build a mental model of the entire system.

The lack of visual hierarchy (text, button styling/sizing, sections) across the platform affects how a user interprets what content and actions are most/least important.

Becoming an Expert

Data Familiarization

Upon realizing that both the format and access of the data needed to be redesigned, I dedicated time into understanding the data itself. I resolved to as best become an expert of the data as the IAReporting team.

Familiarization with the data informed how I would design their access points. All 8 sections received their own redesign, as well as the system navigation and global, which we named 'The Shell'.

Comparison Screenshots


The following is a snapshot of the wireframes that were completed for this project, as well as some comparison screenshots. We delivered over 100 wireframes to the client, including revisions that reflected user feedback.

Numerous conversations were had with the client to ensure the tool saw iterations that would meet user needs.
In all, we provided IA Reporting the foundation for their product to regain a competitive edge in the industry.